How to Fix Your Frozen Windows Cell Phone Screen


Windows cell phones may not be as popular as Android and iOS Smartphones today. However, they make up a sizeable chunk of the more than 4 billion cell phones in use today globally. Like all other cell phones, windows cell phones are prone to some problems. At the top of the list of most common Windows cell phone problems are frozen screen problems.

Windows cell phone screens are prone to stop loading which is commonly known as screen freezing. The problem can either be temporary or prolonged/permanent. Temporary screen freezing can correct itself, however, it may take some time. You can use a Windows cell phone with a temporary screen freezing problem, but the responsiveness of the cell phone will be poor. Windows cell phones with permanent screen freezing problems aren’t usable without a reset.

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Screen freezing is caused by a variety of problems them most common being a system overload. When you are running too many applications on your Windows phone, your chances of experiencing screen freezing problems increase drastically. A damaged screen can also cause screen freezing problems. What’s important is; screen freezing problems can be fixed fast and cheap.

Considering we need our cell phones to do almost everything today, here’s how to fix your windows cell phone when you are experiencing frozen screen problems.

How to Fix Your Frozen Windows Cell Phone Screen

a. Perform a soft reset

A soft reset can unfreeze the screen of a Windows phone with slow responsiveness. If your phone screen is still responsive but slow, try this fix first.

Step 1: Charge your phone for a few (5) minutes.

Step 2: Press the power button and select “power off” to complete the reset.

Step 3: If your phone doesn’t respond, remove the battery.

Step 4: Return the battery after a few minutes and power the phone.

b. Perform a hard reset

If a soft reset doesn’t work (i.e. the screen is still unresponsive), proceed and perform a hard reset.

Step 1: Go to your start menu, if possible and select settings.

Step 2: Select the reset phone option and confirm.

Step 3: Allow some time for your phone to restore its factory settings.

A hard reset works perfectly when the phone memory and storage is full. You will, however, lose your data and contacts in the process. For this reason, you should consider this option as a last resort.

c. Use Windows device recovery tool

If you don’t want to perform a hard reset first, try out the Windows device recovery tool. This tool is also great if your phone is completely unresponsive. However, this fix also resets the phone to factory settings. This tool works perfectly for Windows phones whose screens have frozen because of software problems. The Windows device recovery tool works for Microsoft Lumia, Nokia Lumia, HTC, Windows Phone 8.x and Windows 10 mobile phones.

To fix your phone using this option, download the Windows device recovery tool here:

Install the tool in your computer and open it. Proceed by connecting your phone to your computer using a USB cable. Your computer should detect your phone in a few seconds. Install the latest phone software that will be shown. The tool should be able to update your phone automatically after which you can disconnect your phone from the computer and restart.

The above fixes are bound to solve common frozen screen problems experienced by Windows cell phones. If your phone’s screen is still unresponsive after considering the above fixes, you need to visit a cell phone repair expert. You should also visit a phone expert if you aren’t comfortable conducting the above fixes yourself.

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