Features to Expect in Future Smartphones

Having appeared around two decades ago, smartphones never stopped astonishing us with the up-to-date features. Over the years our desires about these gadgets were satisfied earlier and more effectively than anyone could imagine.

At first people hoped for slight improvement of a mobile phone, but soon they received multifunctional smartphones. The producers have never changed their goal to permanently advancing those devices.

Looking ahead to the future, we can clearly see some potential features will probably appear in upcoming smartphones.

  1. Waterproof technology.

Water damage is one of the most common problem of smartphone owners. In the near future all smartphones will be equipped with a waterproof technology. So, taking photographs in the sea or watching movies on your smartphone when taking a bath will become possible with your smartphone.

  1. Fast operating system.

Various companies create more and more applications to educate and entertain people in everyday life. This requires a fast and powerful operating system (OS). In future, the prototype of such OS would provide virtual reality experiences, higher speed in web browsing and games, mode for saving battery when phone is inactive and more features.

  1. Biometric password.

Creating a secure password can sometimes be a complicated task. In order to get rid of discomfort, the standard password would be soon replaced with fingerprints, optical and voice control.

  1. Voice control.

Have you ever imagined controlling a smartphone with only a word or gesture? Very soon your gadget will have a robotic personality to understand you exactly as other people do. Opening apps, answering calls, choosing a song to play, translating words, taking photos – all these commands will be performed in a second due to the installed voice control.

  1. Flexible screens.

Smartphone screens will be large and at the same time portable for pockets due to its capability to fold. The elasticity of screens depends on a new material elastor polymer and the reconfiguration of the device’s components.

  1. Integrated projector.

Smartphones may soon become the substitutes to computers due to their large fordable screens, so there is a possibility of small projector’s appearance. It means that everyone would have their own home cinema.

  1. 3D technology.

In addition to projectors, the holographic displays may also be available on the market soon. It would be possible due to the endeavor of mobile companies who would provide smartphones with a 3D technology.

  1. Long battery life.

One of the main problems of all portable devices would be solved by unique power cells of the future. The smartphone battery would last at least a few days of regular use, while normally it would not need to be recharged for weeks.

  1. Inbuilt Wi-Fi.

All smartphone users will have the access to free around-the-clock Internet connection without the connectivity to WI-FI hotspots. It will be built-in! There would be no need to install WI-FI routers, look for available networks, and tantalize yourself with guessing passwords etc.

If taking into consideration the rapid expanding of society needs, it is still hard to predict what features of smartphones will appear in future, but they would definitely affect our life.

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