Best Smartphones of 2016 That Will Remain Popular

This year was full of news about the latest smartphones, releases that blew our minds, and amazing features that made our phones good helpers. As the year ends, it’s time to write a conclusion to the technological story of 2016. The best conclusion will be the list of the best smartphones of the year.

iPhone 7 Plus

Apple makes their phones bigger, following the worldwide tendency. This particular model has a 5.5-inch screen which may be hard to hold for those who got used to the optimal size iPhones. However, the A10 Fusion processor makes the phone fly, and the dual camera makes it one of the winners of quality photography. More than that, this smartphone is now water resistant, which is amazing news for those who use repair services way too often.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung is on the race with Apple constantly, both for the newest features and for users’ attention. The phone has a convenient display curved on both sides, making it one of a kind. Samsung may have patented this design, so we may see more of the curved smartphones in the future.

Google Pixel XL

Google Pixel XL is an amazing large device with a great virtual assistant, which was expected from Google. It has a good camera, is run by the latest Snapdragon processor, and has a smaller version with 5.0-inch screen. Its assistant works wonderfully with the hardware, which makes the phone alive.

OnePlus 3T

This smartphone is the fourth in the line of OnePluses, and its main advantage is the reasonable price for all the features we get with it. With one of the best smartphones of the year you get an HD screen, a high quality camera, a fingerprint sensor, and other great features. Its software is also worth noticing, as it’s literally unbreakable, which is good if you want to buy a phone to use it for several years.

Nexus 6P

The phone captures our attention with its full metal design and a god price. It features 2 GM or RAM, 2K display, and a fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. There is a fingerprint sensor for your security and a 12 MP camera sensor for high quality photos available for you.

To Sum Up

The year was plenty of different smartphones for different needs. The best smartphones are united by wonderful designs, good battery life, HD screens, large size, etc. However, every model is different due to its own specs and exclusive features.

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