5 Mobile Phone Repair Tips To Help Your Save Money

Looking for mobile phone repair tips to help you save money? If yes, below is everything you need to know. Mobile phone repairs can be costly. They are however inevitable. Everyone who has owned a mobile phone in their lifetime has needed mobile phone repairs at least once. So, how do you make sure you save money on mobile phone repairs? There are many misconceptions surrounding cell phone repair services. Besides most people thinking the services are expensive, many people also think it’s better to invest in a new phone. Such misconceptions arise from misinformation as well as the scarcity of professional mobile phone repair services. Not anymore! Here’s what you should know to save money on mobile phone repairs.


Tip 1: Always have your phone checked first

Most damaged mobile phones can be repaired so, have your phone checked first before you consider buying a new phone. If your Smartphone has suffered typical damage such as a broken screen, faulty battery, overheating, poor responsiveness, connectivity issues, software/app problems/faults, etc., these type of damage can be easily repaired at a small fee. Common Smartphone problems cost a fraction of the cost of buying a new Smartphone. Some repairs are usually free if you have a valid warranty so, visit a professional mobile phone repair shop first.

Tip 2: Seek mobile phone repair services from experts only

Mobile phone repairs are usually costly because most people seek services from novices. The chances of having your mobile phone repaired properly by a novice are very slim. In fact, most people who don’t seek mobile phone repair services from experts end up with worse mobile phone damages. This is usually the case since repairing mobile phones requires technical mobile phone knowledge and skills. To avoid paying for repairs which will worsen damage, make sure you are working with an expert first.

According to Statista, there were approximately 4.6 billion mobile phone users in the world as of December 2016. Considering 65% of all people in the world have mobile phones, it’s easy to see why the mobile phone repair industry has attracted a lot of unscrupulous individuals masquerading as phone repair experts. Don’t work with anyone!

Tip 3: Avoid self-repairs

It’s also advisable to avoid self-repairs especially if you are dealing with highly technical mobile phone problems. It is possible to perform basic mobile phone repairs by reading tutorials online. However, you need adequate technical knowledge about mobile phones and the right tools to conduct repairs successfully. You also need a lot of patience. Given the risks of damaging your phone further are still high if you are not a mobile phone repair expert, you should avoid self-repairs as much as possible. Furthermore, you can easily render your warranty void if you tamper with your phone.

Tip 4: Invest in a case/screen protector

You can avoid common mobile phone repairs by investing in a good phone casing as well as a screen protector. These protective devices cost less than the cost of fixing a broken phone screen/casing not to mention any additional damages that may arise when you drop your phone. Considering you will always risk dropping/damaging your phone and there are a variety of attractive phone casings which match all kinds of personal tastes and preferences, it doesn’t hurt to spend a little bit more on a casing/screen protector. Furthermore, a good screen protector doesn’t interfere with your phone’s usability or aesthetic appeal in any way.

Tip 5: Take phone insurance

Most phone warranties last for a year, so it’s advisable to take phone insurance to cover anything that happens to your phone after one year. You can avoid mobile phone repair costs if your phone is insured. Phone insurance also covers theft. Considering mobile phones are prone to damage and theft today, you are bound to save money if you take phone insurance. The cost of insuring your phone is insignificant when you consider the cost of repairs as well as the time and money you waste when you don’t have a phone.

You are bound to save money if you don’t rush to buy a new phone when your old one gets damaged. Most mobile phone damage can be repaired easily at a small cost so, have your phone checked first. You should, however, take your phone to mobile phone repair experts only otherwise your phone may be damaged further. You should also avoid self-repair if you are not a phone repair expert. Lastly, it’s always advisable to invest in a casing, screen protector, and phone insurance. As a mobile phone owner, you will always be exposed to mobile phone damage risks. Investing in a good casting, screen protector, and insurance cover is a great way to save money in the future when your phone is damaged.

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