Cell Phone Repair Store Or Fix it Yourself?


Cell phones are bound to get damaged. Your phone can fall into a pool of water or suffer electrical damage. You can also smash your cell phone screen by accident so, when the inevitable happens, what should you do? Depending on factors like the type of cell phone damage, you can choose to fix your phone yourself or visit a cell phone repair store. In case you are wondering when it makes more sense to fix your cell phone yourself and vice versa, here’s what you need to know.

Cell phone repair store or fix it yourself?

When should you fix your cell phone yourself?

You may be forced to repair your cell phone if your cell phone gets damaged but you don’t have an active warranty or if the warranty doesn’t cover the damaged. Most cell phone warranties today cover theft and hardware damage. If your phone suffers software damage, your warranty may be useless. In such cases, you can consider fixing your cell phone yourself.

It makes sense to try and fix your cell phone when you are dealing with minor cell phone damage only. It is possible to find cell phone repair tutorials online today covering all minor cell phone repair issues you can think off. If you are confident about your technical abilities, there is nothing wrong with attempting to fix your Smartphone yourself.

You should, however, be aware of the fact that the quality of cell phone repair tutorials varies from one website to another. Also, you may fail to find detailed tutorials about your cell phone if the model is rare or new.

Finding the necessary tools and parts

If you are lucky enough to find a good tutorial that will help you fix your Smartphone, you need to consider other factors before you proceed. For instance, what kind of cell phone repair tools and parts do you need? How can you get them?

To do a perfect Smartphone repair job, you need the right set of tools. It’s worth noting that most cell phones feature strange fixings since most cell phone manufacturers discourage self-repair. Chances are you won’t be able to fix your cell phone yourself using regular tools so, you need to determine if you will have to access the required tools? You will also be required to source parts if the damage requires you to replace any cell phone hardware.


When sourcing parts, stick to reputable suppliers only to avoid low-quality parts. It’s also worth noting that cell phones are delicate and prone to more damage if you force components apart. Your chances of breaking parts is very high so, it may not be worth it trying to self-fix.

Also, attempting to self-repair your cell phone may render an active warranty void. This factor alone should discourage you from attempting even the smallest cell phone repairs yourself when you have a warranty. Last but not least, you shouldn’t bother attempting some cell phone repairs yourself given the overall cost, time and effort required. In a nutshell, the importance of doing research beforehand can’t be overlooked.

When should you visit a cell phone repair store?

It’s always advisable to leave cell phone repairs to professionals. Although it might be a bit costly to seek cell phone repair services, the risks associated with self-fixing cell phones are many and not worth taking in most cases.

If you want guarantees that your phone will be fixed, you are better off visiting a cell phone repair store. You will pay extra, however, you’ll minimize risks as well as save a lot of time, effort and money.


To get the best out of this option, you must visit a reputable cell phone repair store. There are many cell phone repair stores available today most of which don’t deliver as promised so, it’s important to stick to reputable cell phone repair stores only.


It’s always better to take your damaged cell phone to a cell phone repair store instead of attempting to fix it yourself. Unless you are a phone repair expert yourself, don’t waste your time and effort or expose yourself to more risks. It may appear cheaper to fix it yourself. However, the risks are too many, and you might end up spending more money when you cause more damage or are unable to repair your phone successfully.

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